Why Restaurant Marketing Academy?

I grew up in a restaurant, literally.  Our home was attached directly to the Restaurant my grandmother started and my parents took over from her.  So I feel I sort of owe a bit of payback to people that work as hard as they did.

And frankly there are literally thousands and thousands of great restaurants failing everyday in America and I know that means thousands of families losing their life savings and income.  It has to stop.

You can say its because they had bad food or bad service but in many many cases that is not true.

There are three pillars of any business

  1. Operations – The Kitchen, the staff, the service

  2. Management – The books, the vendors, the facilities

  3. Marketing – Getting customers, spreading the word, creating good will

Of these three pillars the one we can point to in almost every failed restaurant is Marketing.

Marketing is not optional, yet so many Restaurateurs act like they can live with out good marketing.

Then they are surprised when good food an good service don’t save the day.

Its really not hard to point to quite a few Restaurants that have mediocre food and service yet they thrive, even in bad economies.  Generally the reason is great Marketing.

Imagine if you had all three of these pillars well executed?

Thats why Restaurant Marketing Academy exists.

Its time to thrive.

If you would like to contact me just email me at: RestaurantMarketingAcademy@gmail.com